Frequently Asked Questions

For bulk entries through schools, please connect with Ms Renee over +971-527809450 at a special fee. For Bulk entries schools don’t need to do individual registrations, just attach all entries in a single email and send it to us on: Once we receive the entries, we will send you a combined payment link, which can be used to make a single click payment.

All submissions must come to us via The Form Home. We do not accept submissions by email or by post.

All of Registration, Payment and Entry must be submitted online (11:59 pm EST) by Dec 24, 2023.

Yes, we have clearly divided 5 Categories and each one have their own theme, although you can interpret the theme any way you like, but the central idea should be around the above mentioned themes only.

Yes, simultaneous submissions are certainly allowed. Simply inform us of acceptance elsewhere, if applicable.

Quotes or slogans or if participants wish to write a few words to explain their creations, it can be written on the picture

Paper size: A3/Quarter Imperial (297mm X 420mm to 279mm X 420mm)

Materials to be used for Group A & B – Oil Pastels/Wax Crayons/Plastic Crayons 

Materials to be used for Group C, D & E – Oil Pastels/Water Colour/Colour Pencils/Poster Colours

Yes, you may enter under a pen name. Include your pen name on all forms as you would wish for them to appear in any credits. Please be advised (and advise us of it if you are notified as a winner) that we only need your legal name if you are chosen as a winner (in order to issue prizes).

Edits must be done prior to entering. Once an entry has been submitted, we do not accept edits, replacements or exchanges. If you wish to re-enter an edited piece, it is most acceptable and is considered to be a new entry. You may wish to slightly alter the entry title or the file name in these cases, so that you are able to identify the versions-should you be selected as a winner.

All contest entrants must be aged between 3 to 18 years.

All entry fees are due in U.S. Dollars. Entry fees can be paid online by credit card/debit card (MC, V, AMEX & DISC) or PayPal.Entry Fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

Please email your concern to: alongwith the email ids used and payment receipts of both the payments.

Entries are not returned; please keep a copy for your records.

Click 2 clear photographs, one of your painting and another one of your child holding the painting in his/her hand

Don’t worry, its a unique link and opens only once when you make the payment. To solve this, please share your payment receipt to: +971-527809450 for a form link request, we will share it within hours.

You can find it in the payment receipt sent over your email automatically either by Stripe or Razorpay or Paypal. If you cant find it in your inbox, do check spam and updates folder too.

Please email the email id used to make the payment to:, so we can send you a duplicate copy of the same.

Please check the size and type of the file you are uploading. Max file size allowed is 1 MB. For Paintings we accept only .png or .jpeg files and for id proof you can upload .jpg, .png, .doc or .pdf files.

In case of Server Reject, usually the Google Drive of the email id you are using is full, you need to delete some files in order to use it, alternatively you can also use a separate email id to login into Google Form, remember; you have to login into chrome from a new id and not just fill in new id into form.
If you get a message that, ‘You are not allowed to submit, contact the System Admin’, it usually means your chrome is logged in from an email id that doesnt allows external sharing.You have to use a separate email id to login into Google Form, remember; you have to login into chrome from a new id and not just fill in new id into form.

The Results will be published on this web page only on 1 Feb 2024.

Top Award Winners will be notified by before Feb 15, 2024.Prizes will be distributed by March 2024.Entrants not selected as winners will not be notified at this time; non-winners will be emailed a competition status update in the weeks following the winner notification date. If you enter multiple times, please excuse duplicate emails as you may receive an email for each separate entry.

We are a small staff, we get many submissions, and International Winter Painting Competition is not our day job; however, we strive to respond to everyone within 10-15 Days. Often the wait will be much shorter. Please be patient, and also don’t be discouraged if you hear a “no” the first time . . . or the first few times. We urge you to submit again! Many of our winners tried several times before getting awarded.

We will accept only 1 entry per registrant.Copying and coloring pre-printed drawing is not acceptable.

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